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when we're together

colors don't matter much to us

johnny plays his video games for advice
19 August 1987
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.hey guy, it's psy :B
the psy i'm a 22 year old american, who is a big huge freaking nerd. i'm easy-going and friendly, and a big huge goofy nutball. as long as you're not a dick or go out of your way to whine at me, we'll get along juuust fine. this here is my fandom journal, because i'm honestly terrified of my real life friends finding my secret shame. lol closet case. most of the posts you'll see here will be fics or random theories about whatever i happen to be interested in at the moment. if you're interested in my day to day life (or other random ramblings) the real life journal is linked over thurr.
i herd i like cigarettes, coffee, sushi, star wars, videogames, reading, neil gaiman, organization xiii, shakespeare, cats, wedge antilles, socks, harry potter, the world ends with you, theatre, koushiro 'izzy' izumi, remus lupin, kingdom hearts, cursing, fuzzy things, digimon, axel, milk, rebel pilots, terry pratchett, chuck palahnuik, muppets, mr. h, x-wings, pirates, knights of the old republic, sweeney todd
sup fandom the world ends with you and nervously, red vs blue. also eyeing avatar. have previously been active in the harry potter and star wars fandom buuuut not really anymore :B
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