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johnny plays his video games for advice
26 March 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Title: Partners
Fandom: The World Ends With You
Characters: Sanae Hanekoma, Ken Doi
Word Count: 1,548


just found this in my notebook from aaaaaages ago and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy so i thought i'd post it up for sharings.

so hi and bye :3

secret report and endgame spoilers

He should have been relieved. Shibuya was saved, the Game had been fixed, the Composer’s faith in humanity had been restored.Collapse )
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johnny plays his video games for advice
07 April 2011 @ 02:43 pm
so, same old same old, i never post.

i dunno, i dont have much to say nowadays.

lol guess who's funemployed. that's a long story i'll probably go into in the near future.

but seriously this post has a point.

is anyone, anyone at all out there interested in non-fandom forum roleplay? i like original settings and characters, and they're kind of difficult to find. and i just can't get the hang of journal roleplay.

i seriously have an invisionfree forum sitting, just WAITING for me to get it up and running.

fiat voluntas tua

i need new graphics because my old co-admins bailed on me and i dont feel comfortable using the graphics they made. some things need tweaking, but...

is it at least worth salvaging? would anyone even be interested in something like this? i have no internet social circle anymore, so i don't even know where to go to try and get this thing running, but i could figure it out. any feedback would be awesome--i'm somewhat coloured by nostalgia at this given moment.
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johnny plays his video games for advice
18 February 2011 @ 06:23 am
dying hair while mildly drunk is probably not the best idea.

but fuck it i'm doing it anyway
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johnny plays his video games for advice
so, i havent posted in forever. this is for one very specific reason.

my life is pretty much hugely boring.

i do keep up with my fl though =D

my fandom involvement (which was the original point of this journal) is pretty much non-existent nowadays. pretty much the one thing that's going on is that i've been on the biggest south park kick ever. i had forgotten how much i fucking love this show and just how amazing it is. i seriously could sit down and watch it for hours.

so, i wonder if anyone else ever runs into this. i'll get into something, but rarely do i have the urge to write fic right off the bat. won't even think about it. out of curiosity, i'll take a look at fic--i find it terribly interesting to see who people pair together and whatnot.

and sometimes, i'll read through some fic, and all i can think is 'UR DOIN IT WRONG >( >( >('

so i try to do it right.

this happened to me with digimon, and now its happening with south park.

i wrote a digimon story that ended up being the longest thing i had ever written. not one of the best stories i've ever written, and i haven't had the guts to post it up yet.

well now i have another one for south park thats like twice as long. (i cannot get over the fact that i actually wrote this and that the longest thing ive ever managed to finish is a south park fanfiction.)

but because the whole reason i wrote them was because i felt everyone else was doing it wrong, i'm incredibly paranoid about making sure i do it right. so they're hovering in unpublished limo, 'cause i don't know anyone in the fandom to give me feedback on it before i send it out to the general public

aaaaugh dilemma.
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johnny plays his video games for advice
19 August 2010 @ 02:15 am
guys. guys.

its my birthday guys.

im twenty-three.

holy fuck i love my birthday. it turns me into an eight year old.

i fish for happy birthdays. like no joke. i dont even care about presents, i just love people telling me 'happy birthday'.

im getting people together and we're gonna do dinner and then have drinks and then go drunken minigolfing and then go to the bar.

it will be amazing

:D :D :D :D :D
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johnny plays his video games for advice
10 August 2010 @ 05:04 am
fuck life dayCollapse )

in other news:

so. i started writing a fic. i finished said fic. its actually the longest thing ive ever written. far from the best, but i actually pushed my writing ability with it. it's not just some short deal from one perspective; its got scenes and transitions and changing perspective.... which is really sad now that i think about it.

im proud of it on a personal level, but not on an overall level. so im not sure if i want to put it up anywhere.

....not to mention its digimon slash fic. SHUT UP GUYS STOP LAUGHING. STOP LAUGHING GUYS. STOP. D: i really wish i was joking but i just had to write it shut up.

in other other news:

oh my god guys a very potter sequel is hilarous but damn long
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johnny plays his video games for advice
first off, i love teaching people how to use espresso machines. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT HAPPENS, NO IN BETWEEN

second off, I JOINED A STAR WARS RPG EEEE i am so excited. fuckin' d20 style holy shit. i've never done one before.

i'm playing celescra (name subject to change because i pulled it out of my ass at the last second) a selonian fringer. that's right, i'm playing a six foot otter. FUCK I LOVE STAR WARS

it's set directly after kotor 2, a jedi master put out a call looking for people looking to help rebuild the republic and jedi order after the purge. and so the party was gathered, and sent to kashyyk to search out a jedi master and his twin padawans. BUT they got sidetracked to manaan by a distress signal, where they rescue two selkath and pick up my character, 'cause lol late joiners.

sunday was the first session, and it was just one combat encounter cause it was a short session. lets just say it involved our party leader--a wookiee jedi guardian who is going dark side--going into wookiee rage and jumping into the midst of a bunch of enemies with a selkath piggybacking to heal him.

fucking lol.

our force adept also attempted to heal the selkath and scored himself some internal injuries doing so. ahahahaha.

bee-tee-dubs, most of my posts for the forseeable future are going to be about this game.
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johnny plays his video games for advice
26 July 2010 @ 03:04 am
so today was mine and my boyfriend's one year anniversary. i've never had one of those before. it was kind of amazing. when i met him at dinner, he had a bunch of paper cranes folded on the table.

not a thousand, but he's working on it
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johnny plays his video games for advice
to begin: a text conversation

barefoot and in the kitchenCollapse )

<3 amelia

so yeah. spent the last week in san diego for my uncle's wedding. will post pictures once i steal them off of other people's facebooks hurr lazy.

also: jumped ahead of everyone and finished reading prisoner of azkaban as;dfjasd ilu lupin ilu so much you are my favorite thing ever.

lupin was my most intense character obsession. man i got notebooks upon notebooks filled with shit just for him--fics, roleplay intros, profiles, brainstorming, actual roleplays. i dunno man. i used to have a roleplay buddy--i played lupin, she played sirius. and it was one of those where ever one of us went, the other followed deals. LOL THEN SHE RUINED ME FOR PEOPLE anyway.

blah blah i go back to work tomorrow

still playing final fantasy xiii. i really dont care for the actual playing of the game that much. the battles are tedious and the fighting system is unnecessarily complicated--got the hang of the paradigms and roles, but its just like 'really?'

fangxlightning otp amirite?
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johnny plays his video games for advice
28 June 2010 @ 05:55 am
so wanna hear how awesome my entire staff at work is?

almost all of us are going back and rereading the harry potter books together

this is adolescence for me guys oh my god i love these books so much i cant even explain how happy it makes me.

i started reading them when i was about thirteen and the last one came out when i was nineteen seriously i grew up with harry. <3 <3 <3 hogwarts was the fantasy world i escaped to when everything was shit

sorry the love is just spilling over i cant even describe.
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